Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hard day...

I am having a hard day today. I have been at the point for a long time in this pregnancy where I am not comfortable. I feel like it has gotten worse over the last few days.

Now I know I am blessed to be able to be pregnant and I know that I don't want the baby to come yet.


I do want to not be uncomfortable, I want to stop waking up with headaches, I want to not be upset when I don't get a nap in, I want to hold my sweet boy in my arms, go on walks even if it is hot, I want to start loosing weight again, I want to eat something and not get heartburn. I want to see my friend preform in a musical for once. I want to feel like a human being again. I am sick of crying, sick of being that wife who feels horrible because she can't be the wife she wants to be.

I know that having Owen won't change all of these situations. I am emotional by nature and I know that I will probably still cry all the time. I know that I will probably not get much sleep for a while after he is born. I know my friends musical will be over by the time I can go outside again. I know that I have heartburn even when I am not pregnant.


I just needed to vent a little about how I feel, that is all.

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