Tuesday, March 25, 2014

40 things to do before I turn 40...

It hit me this week that I am getting older. I know, I know this is something I should have already known. I mean there isn't a way to actually get younger.

What opened my eyes to the fact that I'm getting older? It was all of the younger ladies in our Sunday school class talking about turning 30! I realized that the hubs and I are the older ones of our class. I think there is one other couple who is about the hubs age.

One of the girls in our class has a list of 30 things to do before turning 30. I thought it was such a neat idea to do this, that I decided to make one for myself! Of course seeing how I have been in my 30s for a while now I can't really do a 30 before 30 list, so mine is a 40 things to do before turning 40! I had a lot fun looking this up online. A lot of people have made similar lists. It was interesting to see the things people put on their list.

I have to say that the one thing that amazed me most is that more than once I saw "get divorced" on a list! I couldn't believe it. Who would plan to get divorced? It was sad in my opinion. I hope those people are able to take that off their list, not because they got the divorce, but because they decided to stay married.

Anyway, on to my list! I have put together 40 things I want to do before turning 40. Some of these will not be shown as they are more personal, but most of them will be out there for the world to see. I want to put this out here in order to help me stay accountable. I will go through and update the list as I complete things. I have 6 years to get these done. Ready, set, go...

  1. Lose 100 pounds
  2. Go on a trip with just Justin
  3. Go on a trip somewhere fun with just Justin and the kids
  4. Sew more
  5. Take some sort of class, like cake decorating, photography, or crafting class *update - about to schedule a painting class for our mom's night out!
  6. Have all of our boxes cleared out of the garage
  7. Run an entire 5K race
  8. Go camping in the back yard
  9. Do a cartwheel
  10. Go snorkeling
  11. Take a self defense class
  12. Take a girls trip to Las Vegas with my closest girl friends
  13. Get my passport
  14. Go to a Broadway musical in New York
  15. Go to an OSU football game
  16. Be in more pictures with Justin and the kids
  17. Write an article and submit it to a newspaper or magazine
  18. Have purple highlights in my hair *update 5-28-15 got purple highlights in my hair!
  19. Throw a birthday party for an underprivileged kid
  20. Sponsor a child through compassion international
  21. Go to a formal event with Justin *update got dressed up in my formal on 3-7-15 and did dinner and dancing at a marriage retreat!
  22. Have a FRIENDS marathon weekend where I (and anyone else who wants to join me) watch all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in order. This may be more of a 2 weekend event
  23. Take the family to Disney World
  24. Re-do our wedding vows (after losing weight)
  25. Audition for a musical
  26. Make a family year book at least once
  27. Pay for a strangers meal
  28. Buy a bike and go on rides with my kids/family
  29. Host more get togethers
  30. Be able to wear a pair of boots that come to my knee
  31. Discover my inner Wonder Woman
  32. Wear makeup everyday for a month
  33. Buy fancy but comfy pajamas ***Update 5/20/14 purchased two pairs of cute and comfy jammies!****
  34. Serve others more than myself
  35. Do a Bible study and actually complete it
  36. Find a way to contribute to our families finances without compromising my role as a mom and wife ***Update 4/1/14 began my job as an independent consultant with Jamberry Nail Wraps! LOVE IT!!!***
  37. Have another child, either biological or through adoption
  38. Climb an indoor rock climbing wall

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kids cooking lessons 101...

Wow, I'm realizing that I have not kept up with my blog as much as I used to! I hope to get better at that because I really like to blog and write about what is going on, even if no one is reading it. 

My family and I are in the process of becoming a foster family! This process has been interesting to say the least! There is a lot that goes into becoming a foster family. But I know that in the end it will all be worth it!

Along with the paper work that you have to fill out you have to do training. So last week the hubs and I went to about a day and a half of training. It was long, but informative. I really think that all parents should take it every now and then just to be reminded of the things that you can do to help your kids! I got some good ideas on parenting my own kids in addition to foster kids. 

One of the things that we discussed was ways to incorporate your kids into your everyday activities (may have been worded differently). I don't remember if someone suggested this or if it just came to me when we were talking about it, but I decided to change things up with our dinner times! Instead of me just making dinner every night I would allow everyone, including the hubs, to pick a meal and I would teach them to make it! 

Last night was our oldest's night to chose a meal and make it. He picked Goldfish Mac N' Cheese.  I was so proud of him because he did so well! Usually he is reserved about the stirring and I am usually impatient with how slow he is. But I let him do it and he did really well. The only thing I helped him with was putting the pan of water on the stove top and then moving it to drain the noodles. He did the rest! He measured the milk and poured it himself and I showed him how to figure out how much butter he needed. He did really well! 

I can't wait for the other boys nights! Tonight the hubs is going to learn how to make hot dogs and salad. Friday night our youngest will learn how to make pizza! 

Usually Ian wouldn't hold the pan with one hand, but last night he did! So proud!

Little chef had to taste it before serving it to others.

It got a thumbs up! Good job Ian!