Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All About Cha...

Tonight was girls night for our FLOCK at church (aka Sunday School). We went to this new place in town called All About Cha. I was a little worried at first that I wouldn't find something to get. But after looking at the menu (some one brought one to FLOCK) I decided it would be safe to go. I mean really if anything I could just sit and visit with the ladies and not get anything. When you are pregnant you can get away with things like that. :)

Well I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had some yummy deserts! I'm talking something you would see on a food network special. So after finally making my choice of which yummy desert to get (don't worry I didn't get the chocolate desert with whiskey inside, I will save that for after Owen is born) I had to decide on which drink to get. Oh the choices! You can see what I am talking about here.

It was a bit overwhelming but once I finally decided on the drink I went up and ordered. I was going to get a brownie ball (I am sure there name for it is way more sophisticated, but this way you get the idea of what it was) and a iced caramel macchiato. When I ordered I changed my mind and got a cheese cake ball (again not there name for it I am sure) and stuck with my drink order.

OH WOW! Talk about chocolate and caffeine overload! It was like the day of 9 Dr. Peppers all over again. Ok, not that bad. But for a few minutes I was talking a little faster than normal. I slowed down on how fast I was eating and drinking and I think that helped out. I am realizing that most of you don't know the story of my drinking 9 Dr. Peppers, but lets just say I am sure my office mate was ready to kill me by the end of the day! I am just hoping to be able to go to sleep tonight.

Here are some pictures of our fun adventure! I would highly recommend going if you are in the Edmond area. Perhaps not a place that I would go every week, but every now and then for a girls night is totally worth it!


Matt and Lacye said...

The dessert looks good! I've always tried to avoid the place because I don't like tea and that seems to be a big portion of the menu (so says my students). Didn't know they had desserts though!

Chris10 Byler said...

OMG that brownie, cheescake ball thing looks amazing and so does the drink!!! I'll have to try that place some time:) Want to go back with me???