Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How the T.V. effects my kids...

For years upon years I have heard the arguments of people who either think that T.V., movies or video games will effect how our kids behave or they think it won't.  Well I am here to tell you it does!

My 4 year old Ian loves to watch cartoons. We try and have him watch ones that are somewhat educational. So we switch between the Disney channel and PBS kids. There is a show on PBS kids called Super Why. Basically this group of kids helps a character in a story by changing the out come of the story. Now that sounds harmless enough. 


Ian uses the words of Super Why in arguments. When I tell him no he can't do something, he follows it with "that isn't in the story." or with "I'm changing your story". He is using what is meant for good for evil! Okay, evil may be an exaggeration, but seriously, I have told him he can't watch that show anymore! 

So for those who have ever wondered if T.V., movies or video games can effect our kids, well there is your answer! YES!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

4 years old...

Can you believe that my sweet little baby Ian is now 4 years old? I know I can't. He is growing up to be such a smart, silly and sweet boy! I did an interview with him when sending out an email to my family and I thought I would share it on here too.

His favorite food is: PB&J sandwich
His favorite movie: Veggie Tales, The search for Noah's umbrella
His favorite drink: slushy (I'm pretty sure he said this because he had one today)
What he wants to be when he grows up: Doctor. Mommy, I mean Batman, or a fireman. (He is so ambitious) :)
His favorite color: Red
His favorite song: Batman (dodododododododododo Batman!)
His favorite Disney show: Little Einsteins
Who do you want to marry when you grow up: Ashleigh (this is a girl that I have been friends with since high school. He talks about her all the time, it is so cute!)
Do you have a girl friend: No
What is your favorite PBS Kids show: Super Why
Are you tired of me asking questions: yeah, no I'm not tired.

Ian at one month old

Ian at 4 years old

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My silly boys...

Each month I try to take a family picture to hang up in our dinning room. At some point we will have a years worth of pictures hanging up. It will be fun to see how much our family changes over the months and years! 

I kind of forgot to take our August picture until the very last day of the month.  Ian and Owen decided to do some silly poses before we did our family picture. I sure do love my sweet family!

To remember

This past week I bought a decorative cross. It is beautiful. I bought it to hang with the pictures of our living kids. It is for us to remember our sweet baby that we lost. 

I know I have talked about it a lot lately, but it is just what is on my mind.