Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pray, pray, pray

Please pray for Abby Riggs and her family. You can read about what is going on at her parent's blog (click here). They are a family that lives here in Oklahoma and it just breaks my heart what they are going through.

Heavenly Father we know that you know what is best for young Abby and her family. However we lift up to you our request to heal her. We ask that you give the doctors guidance about the medicine to give her and that it will work with out having to give her some that she is allergic to. We deliver her and her family into your hands. Amen.

Friday, July 24, 2009

OMG this is so freakin hilarious!

I officially want to redo my wedding just so I can enter like this!!!!! Enjoy!

birthday cake!!!

So I have decided that in order to have the birthday party that I want for Ian I am going to have to cut corners on certain things like cake and decorations. So I have currently cut out all the letters for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and I practiced making a birthday cake last night for my girls night out! Now then, you may be thinking "why do you need to practice making a cake, you know how to make a cake?" Well it is not so much the cake I practiced with as it is the decorating. I had so much fun last night drawing a frog on this cake! I learned some valuable tips though... for instance, let the base icing dry as much as you can before filling in the frog with the green icing other wise it may mix and be more of a greenish whitish color. Also, for some reason what I meant to be black icing for the outline came out purple, so either the lids have been switched on my food coloring or I need to add a whole lot more color! I didn't mind though for my practice cake ;) Oh and I am going to try to make my own frosting next time. Also, my letters need some practice, especially the spacing of them. So with that being said anyone need a frog cake in the next few weeks that I could make for you as a practice? :) Here are my pictures....

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I can't believe that I forgot to post Ian's 10 month picture!!! Ian is getting so big! He can now fit into 12 month shirts and onsies. The silly boy has a pair of jeans that are size 6 month and they are big on him! I guess for now he is skinny!
(Either Ian is getting bigger or the monkey is getting smaller, to see his first month picture click here) :)
This shirt is a 12 month shirt that we got at our baby shower! At the time I thought it looked so big compared to the other clothes we had received.

Also, Ian got another tooth!!! Yay! It was only after several days of frustration. He woke up yesterday morning at 3:40 to tell us it was in! I wasn't too thrilled with the time, but I was glad it broke through the gums, he slept SO much better last night and until 7:30 this morning!!! The tooth is on top right above his current tooth.
If you click on the above picture you can kind of see his teeth!

I am getting so excited to have his first birthday party!!! I have started making the plans and can't wait until it all comes together. Of course I have to thank my wonderful husband who is letting me spend more than he planned, so thanks Justin, you are the best!!!! I am going to save on money and make our decorations and cake, so hopefully it will all come out in the wash, as they say.

Ian likes to be silly when I take of shirts or bibs and leave them on his head! He is such a cute kid!

Monday, July 20, 2009

drive in and power tools!

So for Father's Day Justin got a power tool! Every man's dream. :) Well today he used it! We did yard work and he hedged the hedges with his electric hedger. (say that five times fast) He did a great job!

This weekend Justin took me and Ian to the drive in theater in Guthrie, OK. We saw the movie UP. It was so good. The drive in is such a fun place to go. The weather was perfect too. Ian slept through it all, which is what we wanted him to do!

By the way these were broken so we tuned in on my cell phone radio!

Friday, July 17, 2009

So much to post!

Man it has been a long time since I blogged! Sorry about that. I have a lot to blog about, so I am not sure why I haven't posted anything, perhaps it is my new addiction to the game bejeweled on Facebook. :) Seriously, I have to MAKE myself not play. I want to constantly beat my high score!

Ok, but on to more serious stuff. :) Let's see so much has happened. On July 4th we got the opportunity to hang out with most of our Oklahoma family. We also go to meet Samantha, my step brother's girlfriend from New York! We had a great time hanging out with the fam and swimming then had a cook out that night! It was great fun! Then that night our two older nieces spent the night with us. I took them to the fireworks at UCO while Justin stayed at home with sleeping Ian.

Hmm, so maybe I don't have a lot post! I will try to keep up with my posting from now on.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have the best husband in the world!

So if you have read my other blog (created in His image) then you know that I have been feeling down lately. Well my husband surprised me yesterday with the most beautiful roses! Isn't he the best husband in the world? I will answer that for you, YES he is!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

zoo day!

Today Ian and I met our friends at the zoo. It was perfect weather, not too hot and a little bit of a breeze. Then after the zoo we ate lunch at On The Border! MMM! Here are a few pictures to document our time at the zoo.

As we were leaving we caught the lion eating!

Me and Ian taking a break.

Angela, Nathan and Josiah. Nathan was so cute and always wanted to open the doors for us to show us how strong he was. Then at On The Border the doors were too heavy for him to open. But he was still super cute and so well behaved!