Monday, April 14, 2014

Jamberry Nail Wraps...

Lately I have been searching for my purpose outside of being a wife and mother. A better way to word that is that I have been searching a way to provide financially with out compromising my role as a wife and stay at home mom.  

I'm excited to announce that I am now an independent consultant for Jamberry Nails! I want to share with you my story, so here it is:

So it all started back in November of 2013. I was meeting some friends of mine for dinner. At some point my friend Kendra told me about the Jamberry nails that she was wearing and that he daughter loves them too. She asked if I wanted a sample, of course I said yes! I'm all about free stuff. When she handed it to me I just looked at it and though "there is no way I will be able to do this with out help". She insisted it was easy enough to do while watching TV, but I didn't think it would be. So I put it in my purse and didn't think I would ever try it. 

Fast forward to January. My friend Michelle asked if I would want to host a Jamberry nail party because she was going to be near by and would love to come by to throw one. I decided it might make a fun girls night so I went with it and started to plan one. It turned out that she wasn't going to be able to make it, so we just turned it into an online party. This was actually pretty fun. I was looking at the nail wraps pretty much everyday, trying to decide which ones I was going to get. I ended up being able to get several free sheets and half price items! It was awesome!

It was at that point that I started to wonder about selling Jamberry. I began to ask Michelle questions and she would answer. She has been very patient with me while I research things and pray and talk to Justin about it.  Finally I asked her if she was having a party any time soon that I could sit in on and watch how she does it. I really didn't want to go into this only having done an online party. It just so happen that the same day I was going to be in Oklahoma City that she was hosting one! God worked that out so perfectly! I really enjoyed going to the party and new after that that I wanted to join the Jamberry family. 

I have now signed up and have had my first in person party and am currently hosting an online party! I can't wait to see how God will use this as a ministry for him. 

Now then, one thing I have really enjoyed about wearing the Jamberry nail wraps is that I feel like it has encouraged me to look nicer everyday. I am wearing make up more and fixing my hair. More importantly I am getting out of my jammies most days! :) As a stay at home mom it is really easy to just stay in those jammies all day. I think my husband appreciates that I put on regular clothes. Even if he doesn't realize it, I think he does. :)

I am so excited to be doing this. I feel happier and just all around excited about what is going to happen in the future! If you are interested in purchasing, hosting a party (in person or online) or even signing up to be a consultant, then you can view my website at You can do all of the above right from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions for me you can even message me from there!