Monday, June 28, 2010

baby showers and so much more...

Justin and I are so blessed to have friends and family that care so much about us. We had two baby showers thrown for us! Can I just say that we are now set for diapers and wipes for awhile. I absolutely can not wait till Owen is here to wear them all. ;)

(Misti (or as Ian says Teetee), me and Ashleigh. Yummy chocolate fondue!)

(Paige, Haley, me, Heather and Patty)

As the day draws closer I am just that more excited to be able to hold him. A family in our FLOCK (aka Sunday School) just had a little boy about a month and a half ago. He was at my shower that our FLOCK threw us and he is just so cute. I really wanted to hog him and hold him the whole time and just let others open the gifts and show me what we got. But I resisted. In fact I didn't even hold him once! Hmm, now that I think of it that was kind of sad. Anyways, seeing him makes me want to hold my little guy all the more!

Our delivery has been scheduled for July 21st! I can't believe we have a date set. Today our doctor's office called to let me know the time had changed, which kind of scared me. Not sure why, but even a two hour delay pushes it back too much! And if they can push it back two hours why not two days. Now my mind is just going to the worst case. I am just really ready to not be pregnant anymore.

I know that many of you are thinking "just remember the blessing of what you get to hold in 23 days" (ok you may not be thinking the 23 days part, but I just added that in case you needed to know the official count down). I can assure you that I have not forgotten the blessing that has been given to me. I in no way want to offend those who have not been down this road yet, but I am miserably uncomfortable. Sleeping till 5am with out having to get up has become a huge accomplishment to me. In fact this morning was really good because I slept till 6 with out having to get up! I have sharp pain every time I roll over during the night. I can't sit up in church with out my butt falling asleep and feeling the need to stretch out. And I won't even go into the heartburn that I get at night.

So there you have it. As you can see I am ready to meet our little Owen. I am ready to get into our new way of living. I am ready to be tired because I am waking up with a little one crying rather than to go to the bathroom or because of discomfort. Your prayers over the next few weeks would be much appreciated, because I am also VERY emotional. It is not a big surprise if I cry at least once a day if not more.

On a positive note, my boys are the cutest boys around! I have probably mentioned Ian's "hat" (aka his Easter basket) that he likes to put on his head. Well he also likes to put it on daddy's head! Justin is so cute too, he just wears it like there is nothing out of the ordinary with having an Easter basket on his head. Also, Justin has a noise for the parts of his face. So when Ian touches his nose it honks, when he wiggles his ear it makes another noise and so on. I love watching them together! He has far exceeded my expectations of him as a father. He is so loving and playful. It is just entertaining to watch them together! He also took Ian on a walk on Saturday, with out the stroller. So Ian was actually walking. I know Ian must have loved it. I just wish I could have been with them. Darn, I am turning a good story back to my pain and misery. I better stop writing then. Here is a cute picture of my boys together.

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