Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Supporting your kids...

My kids are currently leaving home. 

I'm not crying at all. 

Does this make me a bad mom? Nah. You see they are 9 years old and 7 years old. I know they will be back. They have talked about it all afternoon. They packed their backpacks with clothes and toys, water bottles and snacks. 

Let me back up here a minute. It all started when they thought I was being unfair in saying their leapster products will now count towards screen time. They really tried hard to make the point that their leapster products should not count as screen time, but the more they tried, the bigger the hole became. They then tried to use the excuse that they should be able to us them because they are educational games. I still said no. After that they decided that doing school would count as screen time too (we do online school), which means they can't do school anymore. 


Sorry, I had to take a second to laugh. They really did try to convince me that I was wrong. Once we got home they said they were no longer going to do school. That's when I informed them that they would need to either get a job or move out. Because only kids who do school can live here for free. 

That is when they began to pack their bags! I decided at that point that I could either squash their dreams or support them. Now please note that I am not actually going to just sit around and let me kids leave our property. My version of supporting them is this: 
  1. Talking them through what they will have to do if they really move out. Example: get a job, a way to get to job, a place to live, pay bills, buy food, make food.
  2. Let them see that the things that they are wanting to take from our house is not theirs to take. Mommy and Daddy bought the food and water, so if you want to take it you will have to pay for it. 
  3. Make sure they know that if they decide to leave the property they need to inform us. (They may think it is for us to say our goodbyes, but it is really for us to follow them or talk them down.)
Allowing them this time to be outside is good for them. They may not realize it, but they are playing right into my hands! The reason we limit screen time is so they will use their imagination, which they are currently outside doing!  We limit screen time so they will get up and play, which they are currently doing! We limit screen time so that their attitudes are better (Is it just my kids? It seems like the more they play video games, computer or tablets, the worse their attitude gets.), they currently have a positive attitude. 

Now think about how all this could have gone down if I had just knocked down their idea? There would have been fighting, whining, and probably sending them to their room. I would have been exhausted from dealing with the arguing. 

Now let's move a few years down the road. Let's imagine them going out and applying for a job. What kinds of words do you think might be going through their head if you shot down their decision to move out and get a job as a young child? Perhaps it is "You can't get a job you're too young" or "No one is going to hire you." The things we say to our kids now, will run through their minds as they get older. I hope that when it comes time for my boys to actually move out and/or work, they will remember the things we taught them. That our words were "I think you can do anything you put your mind to."

Now, just because they are super cute, here is a picture of my sweet boys with their backpacks and stuffed animal. I sure do love them!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reward system...

We are now on week 5 of doing school at home! I've got to say, most days I am loving it.

Most days.

We have had some rough times, but even on those days we are done with school by 11:45! It really is amazing. I am enjoying being a part of my kids education. (words I never thought I would say)

When we first started talking about doing school at home, both boys asked if we would have a reward system like they had at public school. After thinking on it I decided it would be beneficial to have a reward system.

We call them care bucks (this is what they called them at public school). They can earn them in many different ways and not just during school hours. They have earned them for things like doing school with out complaining, doing chores, being respectful to mom and dad. They pretty much can earn them for whatever my husband and I choose they can earn them for. Ever two weeks we have a store that they can "spend" their care bucks on. We have toys and candy (most of which were on clearance, I don't spend much on these things), as well as things like extra video game time or an extra show to watch on netflix.

The kids can also lose care bucks. Misbehaving or complaining about school are a couple of ways they can lose their care bucks.

At first I was going to print off some cute little emoji bucks (the boys are obsessed with all things emoji). Then I had a light bulb moment! Someone told me you can get raffle tickets for cheap at Dollar General. They even have multiple colors! I figured this would be a good idea, because I could re-use them once they turn them in.
We will have our "store" every two weeks. Our first shopping day was last Friday and the boys seemed to really like it! Added bonus was after the store closed they were on their best behavior because they wanted to earn more care bucks!

Here are the other things we had that were non toy items:

Extra Netflix Show                                                          5
5 minutes video game time                                            10
15 minutes video game time                                          20
Redbox movie night                                                      30
Game night (your choice of game)                               10
Stay up 10 minutes past bedtime*                                15
Do school outside                                                           5
Mom’s drawings                                                             3
Toys and other items in store                                 ask mom
*Can only be used on nights that we are home for 7:30 bedtime.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Lunch Time Idea...

Starting week three of homeschooling! I am quickly realizing that I need to get better at planning ahead for lunches. Today it came to me! It was like the heavens opened up and God himself handed me the idea! 

What's my idea, you ask? Instead of waiting till lunch time to make lunches, I am going to start making them in the morning. In the years that my kids attended public school they would have the same lunch pretty much everyday. A sandwich, chips, something healthy (yogurt, fruit cups, etc) and a drink. So starting tomorrow I am going to make their lunches as soon as they start school. That way come lunch time (which I don't know about you, but by lunch I am exhausted and the last thing I want to think about is making them lunch) I am going to make their lunches and put them in the refrigerator. 

What ideas do you have to make your day run more smoothly? 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

My first week as a home school mom...

Here are some things I've learned in my first week of being a home school mom:

1. Man I rock at this thing! Wait? What? That was only one week? Not the entire year? Okay, maybe I should change this one to I am exhausted! Seriously didn't think I would be so exhausted after each days school time, but I am. The first day went really smoothly, no fights, all fun. But the second and third day came and let's just say it was a little bit tougher. Our youngest threw fits and our oldest would get jealous. However, even with those bad attitude times we finished school by lunch time each day! 

2. Freedom rocks! Seriously, one day our youngest was having trouble paying attention during reading time. So instead of forcing him to stay on the couch and read to me I asked him if he would like to lay on the floor and read to me. He said yes. We did that for a while and then I asked if he would sing the book to me. That was really fun! He did really well when he was aloud to sing it to me! Another cool thing regarding freedom is that we got to go to Chick-fil-a on Friday and do our schooling there! 

3. I am NOT smarter than a first grader. The science that our youngest is doing is way more complicated than I would have imagined. I am 100% confident that I could not win on the game show "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?". Is that show even still around?

These are just a few of the things that I have learned in my first week as a home school mom! If you were to ask me if I'm happy with our choice after this first week the answer would be yes! Now ask me again in a few more weeks and we shall see. 😃 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week two of no refined sugars...

This week seemed easier. A lot easier actually. I discovered avocado pudding, which really helped me with my chocolate craving! Once you get over the fact that it has avocados in it it is really good. 

I haven't noticed any difference in my headaches. I have heard that could take up to a month to notice a difference in that though. Things I have noticed? Most days I feel like I'm coming out of a fog that I have been in my whole life! It's really amazing to be honest. I'm not feeling as tired, although there have been some nights that I haven't slept well due to getting off a medicine that made me drowsy. So on those days I feel tired. I am not thinking about food nearly as much. I use to think about it all day, but now I just think about it come meal time, and even then I'm not always hungry at meal time so I just don't eat till I'm hungry. 

I have lost 6.6 pounds the first week and another 4.6 this second week! This brings my grand total (since starting weight watchers in January) to 20.6 pounds lost! When I hit 30 pounds lost I get to reward myself with a fitbit! I can't wait!

So there you have it. My update on going off refined sugars. I had my doubts, I honestly didn't think I could do it. However, here I am week two and I have only had one on purpose give in. (I was so stressed out with my kids that I ate a sugar cookie). There have been a couple of times that I ate refined sugar, but didn't know it. Oh and one time when I ordered something I thought would be sugar free, but my first bite I could taste it. I ate it anyway and felt sick the rest of the day!  

Until next time...

Monday, August 8, 2016

One week of no refined sugar...

For a while now I have been told to get off refined sugar in order to help with my headaches. I didn't think I could do it to be honest with you. I mean, really why do it when I can just take medicine? That was my old way of thinking. I guess I have had one too many headaches now that it is worth a try now. 

So I have officially completed my first week of lowering my refined sugar intake. I wanted to share some things that I have noticed just in this first week. So here goes:

1. The first few days were the hardest. Like I wanted to bite someones head off for no reason. I wanted to yell to the world to give me some freaking sugar! Not fun, but I prevailed.

2. I have noticed that I stay full in between meals. And not just staying full, but not thinking about food constantly. This is huge. Normally I am always thinking about food. Thinking about snacks, what to have for my next meal, what to have as a snack after said meal. So yeah, I'd say this is probably the biggest change in week one.

3. Refined sugar is in SO MANY THINGS! Seriously. Who would have thought that a can of re-fried beans had sugar in it? Well it does! Ugh. Oh and bacon. Bacon has sugar, they use it to cure it. This is why cooking and making things at home is probably best for this diet. 

4. I have become more creative with my food. For example: I couldn't figure out what to eat for lunch one day. So I finally decided to warm up some meat from the night before and make a salad. The only problem is that I didn't have any salad dressing that didn't have refined sugar in it. Ugh. So I searched my fridge. I decided to put unsweetened apple sauce on it. Y'all, this turned out to be pretty yummy! I was surprised! It was good. 

As I start week two, I'm not feeling as cranky. Which is good. I'm also not feeling the "give me some freaking sugar" feeling as much. Again, good. It might be a month or so before my body really reaps the benefits of going off refined sugar, but I like that I am seeing small steps even now. I can tell you that if I was doing this for weight loss, I probably wouldn't have stayed with it past day one! But because I am doing this to stop my headaches, it suddenly becomes worth it. I'm hoping that weight loss is a benefit too though. :)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Looking back on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40...

It occurred to me this week that I haven't been checking things off of my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. With my 35th birthday coming up I wanted to revisit that list and see where I am on checking things off. Let's start with saying I've got a lot to do before I turn 40! I can't believe it has been almost 2 years since I made this list and I've only crossed off 7 things! I've got to get busy!

  1. Lose 100 pounds
  2. (you don't need to see this, just trust me that I did it)
  3. Go on a trip with just Justin
  4. Go on a trip somewhere fun with just Justin and the kids
  5. Sew more
  6. Take some sort of class, like cake decorating, photography, or crafting class
  7. Have all of our boxes cleared out of the garage
  8. Run an entire 5K race
  9. Go camping in the back yard
  10. Do a cartwheel
  11. Go snorkeling
  12. Take a self defense class
  13. Take a girls trip to Las Vegas with my closest girl friends
  14. Get my passport
  15. Go to a Broadway musical in New York
  16. Go to an OSU football game
  17. Be in more pictures with Justin and the kids
  18. Write an article and submit it to a newspaper or magazine
  19. Have purple highlights in my hair
  20. Throw a birthday party for an underprivileged kid
  21. Sponsor a child through compassion international
  22. Go to a formal event with Justin
  23. Have a FRIENDS marathon weekend where I (and anyone else who wants to join me) watch all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in order. This may be more of a 2 weekend event
  24. Take the family to Disney World
  25. Re-do our wedding vows (after losing weight)
  26. Audition for a musical
  27. Make a family year book at least once
  28. Pay for a strangers meal
  29. Buy a bike and go on rides with my kids/family
  30. Host more get togethers
  31. Be able to wear a pair of boots that come to my knee
  32. Discover my inner Wonder Woman
  33. (I don't want to post this as it has to do with my husband)
  34. Wear makeup everyday for a month
  35. Buy fancy but comfy pajamas
  36. Serve others more than myself
  37. Do a Bible study and actually complete it
  38. Find a way to contribute to our families finances without compromising my role as a mom and wife
  39. Have another child, either biological or through adoption
  40. Climb an indoor rock climbing wall