Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let's get together...

I think I mentioned in my last post just how close the ornaments are on our tree. Ian seems to continue to want to move them all to the same spot, thinking that Owen will not be able to get to them. :) He cracks me up! Here is a picture of where he seems to is the perfect spot for all the ornaments, well at least several of them!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

We got our Christmas tree decorated this weekend! It was so fun this year because Ian was old enough to help. He seemed to have fun and loves to look at the ornaments that are on the tree. I tried to tell him a little about each of the "special" ones and now he will show me the "special" ones. Like the ornament we got our first year of marriage, and the Elvis ornament that my college roommate gave me.

It was also fun to tell him why we celebrate Christmas. How it is Jesus' birthday and about what the star on the top of the tree means.

Our ornaments are close together and the back part doesn't even have any on it, but I don't care! It was so much fun and great family time and wonderful memories were made. I look forward to when both boys can help!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

unrealistic expectations

As a women, I tend to have unrealistic expectations about pretty much everything! I was just talking to some friends about how when I was in high school I was "in love" with so many guys. I thought I knew what love was back then, but I just don't know how you can know what it is until you are married.

Which brings me to my subject of today. Marriage. I am realizing why people are getting divorced right and left. They have unrealistic expectations of what marriage is.

Some things they think marriage should be or provide:

1. never being lonely
2. forgetting your past hurts/heartbreaks
3. breakfast in bed and s*x all the time

Those are only a few things that I can think of. I know that so many people believe these will be true, but let me tell you people, it is not. I am married with two kids and I have days where I feel lonely. I love my husband so much and I know he loves me, but I am still hacked at the guy who just stopped calling me, I am glad we didn't end up together, but still would have preferred he ended it in a better way. I am pretty sure the only times I have had breakfast in bed were when I was on bed rest and I am not even going to address the other issue. ;)

I am so glad that Justin and I had an amazing newly wed class at our church to go to. It was what I believe helped build our foundation for a good marriage. Now will we have hard times, yes, but because of that foundation we will make it. God taught us so much in that class.

I don't want to discourage people from getting married. I think it is so great and I couldn't imagine my life with out Justin in it as my husband. I just think people need to be aware that it takes work, don't give up the first time things don't go your way, in fact don't give up the 100th time things don't go your way. If you need counseling then get it. It is important to fight for that love that you know you once had.

I hope this made sense. It sounded so good when I "typed" it up in my head, but it never comes out the same when I type it up in real life.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I hate being sick, but more than that, I hate it when one of my boys is sick...on a weekend...on the Sunday we are scheduled to teach in preschool.

Yeah, Ian is sick again. Woke him up this morning, which should have been my first clue that something was wrong because he usually wakes us up, and he had thrown up in bed. Then continued to throw up all through the morning. At this point (11:45ish) he seems to finally be keeping down his water, which is good. Hopefully we won't have to go to the doctor or hospital. I was worried at first since he wasn't keeping his water down that we would have to go get an IV or something. Hopefully we can just let it ride out and he will be better soon.

Just keep us in your prayers. I felt a little flash back to when he was sick for two weeks with diarrhea. I started crying and just felt like I was about to have an anxiety attack. After going to my counselor a few weeks ago I realized that I felt like I was a bad mom since I couldn't help him through all of that. I just want to be a good mom and take care of my kids. They mean the world to me!

On a completely unrelated note, Owen is already turning into a computer nerd ;) I love it though! Maybe he will invent something that people can't live with out and make all sorts of money so Justin and I will be taken care of in our old age. :) Or maybe he won't, I will love him no matter what!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Yesterday, Ian, Owen and I got the opportunity to see Lighting McQueen and Mater from Cars! It was really fun. We even got a goody bag afterwards! Here are a few pictures. They didn't turn out very good, not sure why. But they took some so I can go online and look at them from there. If I figure out the link I will show it to you guys too!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snickerdoodle cookies...

I do love snickerdoodle cookies. But I have to be honest, the first time I heard of them I thought they would have snickers in them.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween...

Owen in his first costume of the night. He was an octopus, but I decided he would get to hot in that costume so I changed him to a cowboy for the evening. (the octopus costume was a hand me down from Ian)

Ian the pirate and Owen the cowboy getting ready to go trick or treating in my mom and step dad's neighborhood!

They really liked watching the kids come up to the door. Ian liked all the fun costumes!