Thursday, February 26, 2009

So many pictures!

Pizza, Dr. Pepper and Cake, need I say more? This pretty much sums up what we did last night for my birthday! We went to this new pizza place in Edmond called Jo's Famous Pizza (for you edmondites it is on Kelly between 15th and 2nd). It was fun because for plates they give you a cardboard circle! I get amused easily I guess because I really thought that was creative. Imagine the time they save on not cleaning plates and cups (and the cups were Styrofoam)! We ordered a 14" pizza thinking that we would probably have left overs, which we did. So we took them home and I had them for breakfast! Yes, I love me some cold pizza for breakfast. (shhh, I haven't told Justin I ate it for breakfast so we will just keep this between you and me) ;) I also splurged and had regular Dr. Pepper! I usually get diet, but of course they didn't have Diet Dr. Pepper, not too many places do. Then we came home and had cake (after Ian was in bed of course). I lit the candles myself just so I could pose for a picture! Ha, I am such a nerd. :)

Today was a fun day too! My friend Haley and her kiddos (minus the school age one) drove us down to see our other friend, Amberly, and her new baby girl Selah. We picked up lunch and went and hung out at her house for a while then we went on a walk (Haley had two strollers in her car so I was able to put Ian in one of them). We hung out at the park and let Jordan and Grant play while Ian and Selah slept! Such cute kids I tell you.

Hmm, it seems as if I have more to share, but for know this is it. Enjoy the pictures from the last few days!

Ian was so hungry he was eating his feet! :)

Can't you tell that I am amused with the cardboard plate?

I had to get a posed picture of me eating the pizza! (notice I am doing this one handed as Ian was getting fussy or should I say hungry)

MMM, it was so yummy!

Mommy and Ian
Yep, I seriously lit the candles just so I could pose for this picture! When I said I was a nerd I meant it. :)

Selah and Ian both fell asleep while we were at the park. I don't know about Amberly, but I thought it was nice to have some time to just visit and not worry about if he was happy or not!

Weee! It looks like Jordan was really high, good job Jordan!

Oh, little Grant just chillin in the swing.

The mommies and baby's

This picture was just too cute not to post!

Grant and Ian playing on the floor at Amberly's house

Selah, isn't she beautiful!

Jordan was so good with Ian. He was just laying there playing with his hands. At one point he gave him a kiss on the hand and I tried to get a picture but it ended up snapping right when he came up. Oh well. Still cute!

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HaleyP said...

I'm so glad you took so many pics! They are wonderful. I had sooo much fun today. It was nice to talk about everything under the sun!