Monday, March 2, 2009

being silly

Let's start our day off with a smile today. I hope this does the trick! I had seen this on quite a few blogs and got such a kick out of it, I had to try it. I was cracking up at what I found. First what you do is , do a Google search for "unfortunately (Your name here)" . Make sure you put the quotes around it. You will be surprised at all the lines you get with your name in it. Some of these are hilarious.

Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name. My wise cracks are in (___) behind the quotes.

1. Unfortunately, Jessica would regret that decision when one night Marshall forced himself on her. (darn that Marshall)

2. Unfortunately, Jessica’s Law is not. (I didn't know I was trying to get my own law passed!)

3. Unfortunately, Jessica was taken by a nasty chest infection, very unusual for Jess, and was unable to perform on the first night. (Yes, I am a performer! Bet you didn't know that.)

4. Unfortunately, Jessica thought she was so great after The Dukes of Hazard came out, and she thought she could make it on her own. (Well I don't know what The Dukes of Hazard have to do with me being independent but what ever.)

5. Unfortunately, Jessica hates reading, and has a new plan for her future: joining the army. (well I am not a fan of reading, but seeing as I can't make it on my own, the army may not be the right place for me)

6. Unfortunately, Jessica soon returned to movies that bombed, even with Oscar-
winning cast members, like Jamie Foxx. (yep, Jamie and I are BFF's)

7. Unfortunately Jessica and Sydney are both very well-endowed (ok, now this one is true. The next sentence said that in the end they chose Sydney to do the modeling. Poor me)

8. Unfortunately, Jessica's debut album, You Can't Resist, doesn't quite have that "something" to make it stick out. (gees, these people are so critical of my performing!)

9. Unfortunately, Jessica is pregnant with the Duke's daughter. (I just couldn't resist that Duke, he was much cutter than the Marshall)

10. Unfortunately, Jessica was the first to be voted off the island, to her total shock and disbelief. (I figured I wouldn't last long on the island)

11. Unfortunately, Jessica was unable to resist the sexy power of Seductryanyca's Diamond Claw, and she died. (wow, first the Marshall, then the Duke and what gets me is the Diamond Claw!)

Aren't those funny? Did it make you smile? If you feel like playing along just type your name after the word unfortunately in quotations and see what you come up with. Oh and let me know that you did so I can some check it out!


Homesteader in Training said...

It just cracks me up! Thanks for playing along. Wasn't that fun?
Blessings to you!

Kelly said...

That was a great list!! Love the cute blog layout!! Your little one is pretty cute too! :o)