Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tea Room...

Today was another fun day and the day isn't even over! My fitness class that I go to (see my weight loss blog for more on that) had a get together at this place called the Inspirations Tea Room. It was fun! The place was foo foo and girly, but the food tasted good. Which to be honest I figured it wouldn't. After we had lunch I went on a tour of the bed and breakfast that is in the back of the Tea Room. It was so nice! I think I wouldn't mind if Justin took me there sometime for a special occasion! (hint hint) You can visit this website for more pictures and info about them. And you know me, I took some pictures to show all of you! By the way, Ian was wonderful! He didn't cry or anything (that is not out of the ordinary, he is over all a good baby anyway).

I had Misti take this so you could see my new hair cut. I still have to learn how to style it, but I think I did pretty well for the first time.

They put scripture cards with everyone's meal! How neat!

This was my lunch, the smoked turkey and cheddar panini.

Ok, I am just being silly. That was actually a cup of lemon butter to go with the mixed berry scone, as seen in the picture below. It was very yummy!

Here is the Body and Soul group.

Misti and me

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Teresa said...

That is a very nice place. We had Lauren's rehearsal dinner there. You are looking so good keep up the good work.