Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine celebration!

Last night Justin and I went square dancing! Our church sponsored it at the Round Barn in Arcadia, OK. They had dinner (Billy Sims BBQ) and desert! Our friends Ashleigh and Matt, and Starla and Zach were there and we all hung out together and were part of the same "square" during the dancing part. The dancing was so much fun and a very good work out! I was for sure ready to stop by the end of it (actually I was ready to stop before the end of it).

Nana and Pawpaw (my mom and step-dad) took care of Ian for us. Now that Ian goes to bed between 7-8, he was asleep when we got home. That was hard not to pick him up and give him kisses.

Justin and I promenading

Justin and I in front of a beautiful sun set :) (obviously that is not real)

Starla, Zach, Matt, Ashleigh, Me and Justin

Ian got his first valentines cards this week! His great Aunt JoJo and great Uncle Sted sent him one and Nana and Pawpaw sent him one. That was so sweet of them. Justin and I got him a set of play keys, although not necessarily a valentine gift, it just happened that we got them for him today! Below are pictures of Ian with his valintine cards, clearly he is so excited about them! ;) I think he must be thinking "mom what are you having me do, can't I just put this in my mouth now?"

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