Friday, February 6, 2009

visits with friends...

Today Ian and I had a full day, and boy let me tell you it shows! Ian is currently sleeping in his car seat. We had lunch with my friends who I used to work with. That was fun since I hadn't seen them in a few months! Here is a picture of Ian with Billy (Billy was my boss at AccuHealth). This was his first time to meet him in person.
Then we headed over to the library and reserved a book (I am hoping to get Ian more on a schedule, but I need a little assistance knowing how to do so). Then we went to Target and shopped around for a little bit. Ian was in need of a plate to put his baby food on. And now like I said, Ian is sleeping and I am blogging.

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Liesl said...

Fun day!! I always love the days that include meals with friends, the library AND Target! Does it get any better? I think not :) So one of the nursery moms highly recommended "BabyWise"...of course, I'm not a mom and have not read it, but she said it's very helpful in terms of getting kids on a schedule, so you might check it out and see what you think (and then tell me what you think for when it's my turn...hehe).

Looking forward to our lunch on Monday! CityBites sounds great! I'll have to look at the menu and let you know if I'd like you to pick anything up...I'll have cash in my wallet just in case :) Always prepared. LOL.