Thursday, July 1, 2010

to much Sesame Street...

You know you have watched too much Sesame Street when you are lying in bed at night and you toot and your first thought is not "excuse me" but "one, ahahah".

I say this because Ian's new obsession is Elmo! He would watch him 24/7 if we let him! First thing after he wakes up he usually says "momo" or "mamo". It is pretty cute and when he is having good day I will let him watch more of it than normal. But then there are some days when he is just being a grumpy little guy and that is when Elmo is not allowed on the T.V. Some days it is a tough call because I want to make him happy, but I also want him to know that having a bad attitude is not the way to get things. So we stand strong most days and give in some.

What are your kids obsessions? Do you find yourself thinking about them all day too?

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