Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It just hit me...

Today was a good day! I got a great nights sleep, which was much needed after the night before of not getting good sleep. Ian woke up happy (of course he had his moments, but the waking up part was good). We had a great morning and enjoyed a good lunch (left overs from the night before when our friend Courtney brought us fajitas from Ted's). During Ian's nap time I got a shower in, which is refreshing. Then after nap time we went to the mall to get Justin's glasses fixed. We were able to use the double stroller for the first time. I am pretty sure Ian was excited about the way he got to sit in it. Also, we purchased all of us (well except Owen) some white polo type shirts for our pictures we are having done on Sunday evening. We also made a trip into Candyopolis and got a little treat. Once we got home Ian and I took a nap (a two hour nap I should say)! Then our friend Ashleigh brought us some yummy dinner and brownies (oh the brownies were delicious!).

Now then I was just cleaning up the kitchen (not much since I didn't cook) and it hit me. I will be home alone with Ian and Owen tomorrow afternoon! Am I nervous? A little bit. I think since it will only be half a day it will be ok. Plus I have a wonderful husband that would be willing to come home if I needed him too. But eventually this day had to come. Again, I am glad it will only be half a day rather than the whole 8 hours with out Justin. But come Friday, I will have them all day by myself! Thankfully Ian has been doing pretty good. He has seemed a little more attached to me this week. I am trying to eat that up because I know the day will come when mom's kisses aren't "cool". I also know that there will be a day when he is more attached to Daddy, which is fine. I think I can handle that better than the day he doesn't want me to kiss him. :)

Don't you just want to kiss that little smiling face?

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