Friday, July 23, 2010

taking a shower...

I am sure many of you have heard of postpartum depression. Now whether you think it is right to take anti depression medicine or not, I think we can all agree that taking a shower can help in a huge way! I know it sounds silly, but I feel it is true. There is just something about being clean that helps me be in a better mood. I'm not saying this is going to take away the depression, but I do think it helps me start my morning out right.

When Ian was born, I didn't know how to take a shower while having an infant around. I felt like I couldn't leave him alone for a second! My friend Erin told me stories of how she would put her little girl in her bouncy chair and put her in the bathroom with her. What a brilliant idea! I started to do that and was able to get my shower in . I don't think I realized the importance of it at the time though.

This go round I know that my kiddos will be ok if I strap them in somewhere while I shower. They don't have to be in the bathroom while I am getting clean. This time I have realized the importance of taking a shower. I am pretty sure I have had a shower every day since being home from the hospital!

Not only does it get you clean, but it gives you a few minutes of time alone. No crying babies or Elmo songs. It is essential for staying sane, in my opinion.

I do want to say that I am on an anti depressant medicine. You may remember my story of breaking down at the dentist office after Ian was born. It was awful. I couldn't stop crying. I thought I was a horrible mom and wife. The dental hygienist encouraged me to call my doctor and get in to see her ASAP about getting on medicine. So I did and man am I glad I did! I hope that I don't go through that again. If you feel this way or worse, PLEASE contact your doctor. Showers help, but only in mild cases or if you are already treating it with medicine. Medicine isn't for everyone, but it can't hurt to look into your options.

Now then I can't post with out posting pictures of my sweet boys! And man are they sweet. Ian is loving on Owen so much. I am trying to stay calm about it because I am scared he will hurt Owen, but I know that he is not the first little brother to have a big brother loving on him a little rough. :)

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