Monday, July 26, 2010

Another stain on the carpet...

I use to love our carpet. I know it is a silly thing to love. The carpet is a beige color with little dark specks through out. If some one (perhaps a certain toddler) dropped or spilled something, it would pretty much just blend in.

I can honestly say that I no longer love our carpet. I am pretty sure the change started about the time a certain toddler (who was about 11 months old at the time) threw up. The love was completely gone this morning. Why, you ask? Well here is my morning...

As I have mentioned before, Ian loves to love on his little brother! It is cute and nerve racking at the same time. This morning I decided I was sick of wearing a certain under garment 24/7. You know you have to unless you want to walk around with wet spots on your chest! So I took off the above mentioned under garment in hope that my milk had dried up. I am not so lucky. Ok, I am getting to the carpet story, I promise!

So I put Owen in his car seat and put that on the other side of our gate, so Ian couldn't get to him and end up sitting on his head or something. I then proceeded to get the appropriate item of clothing on. Not thinking, I left Ian alone in the living room. ALONE I said! Oh my, here is where the story gets good.

I come back and Ian is sitting on the couch, which he isn't allowed to do unless someone else is there. He had picked up my can of diet Dr. Pepper and spilled it between the couch and the end table, on the couch and on the end table! Oh boy was I mad. You see I had kept my pregnancy journal between the couch and table so he couldn't get to it. Now the pages are stained with Dr. Pepper! Ugh!

To top it off there is now another stain on the carpet I once loved! (Such a long story to get to this one line!)

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