Monday, May 10, 2010

Suffering well...

I heard someone at my doctor's office say "my worst day is better then some peoples best day". Hmm, this is something to think about. I mean my bad days usually consist of telling Ian "no" a thousand times and him crying and screaming and hitting himself or it is usually a bad day because I am selfish more days than not and when things don't go the way I want them to then I get upset.

On Saturday I had decided it should be a day all about me, after all the next day was mother's day and well why not make it into a whole weekend holiday? I should mention that I didn't share this with anyone else, so the fact that things didn't turn out to be all about me shouldn't have surprised me. Communication is SO important in any relationship. I suffered very poorly on that day. But late in the afternoon we put in a DVD that we had purchased for Ian at a garage sale earlier that morning. It was cheesy and probably made in the 90's. But the message was good just the same. It was Bible verses put to music. Get this, one of the verses was "Do everything with out complaining, do everything with out arguing" Philippians 2:14. Um that put me in my place!

Then on Sunday the sermon was about suffering well. Making the best of your times of suffering. I am realizing that my suffering isn't suffering at all, but selfishness. And even when it is suffering, my worst day is probably better than some people's best day!

It is a tough thing to swallow. I think because we are by nature very selfish people. I am glad for the man who said this today at my doctor's office. I hope I can remember this each day when I am spanking Ian or not getting to take a nap. I need to remember that I am blessed to have a kid I can spank and to be at home where I can even try to take a nap.

I hope this wasn't just a bunch of jumbling of words and that you guys understand what I am trying to say.


Squirly Girls said...

So good! Thanks for the reminder.

Rai and Shannon said...

Great reminder that I needed!! Ryan was sick all last week, and let's just say I didn't "suffer well". And it wouldn't hurt me to remember that my bad days aren't really that bad, either. Thanks for putting me in my place...I will try to stay there! : )