Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poor little boy...

Ian took a really long nap today, which was so very nice for me, however when I picked him up he was burning up! I should have known something was wrong when he stayed in bed that long during the day. Poor little guy was running a fever. He was so snuggly for the rest of the day. He is now in bed and I am hoping his fever will go down rather than up (it started at 99.9 and was 100.6 right before bed).

Here are some pictures depicting just how pathetic he was this evening:

When ever I got up to do something he would head over to the gate and just lay there till I came back :(

I think he wanted to play, but just didn't have it in him so he just laid by the toys instead.

Snuggling with Daddy (Daddy is the best to snuggle with when you don't feel good, just thought I would share that).

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Squirly Girls said...

So sad. Hope he feels better soon.