Sunday, May 2, 2010

cheapo beapo decorations!

As you know we have been working on getting Ian into his big boy bedroom with his toddler bed. Well this weekend he officially got his new room! It is all cleared out and has his bed and toys in it now.

I was inspired to try and make some cheap decorations for his room. I mean the pictures that go with the bedding cost $14.99 for one! So I went to good ole' Hobby Lobby and bought two 8x10 canvases. I then found some pictures online and printed them out, cut out the picture and then mod podged it on the canvas. It was so much fun making them! Then I decided to add some words to them and that was a little bit harder because at first I cut out each letter and so when I mod podged them on they moved a little, but I was able to get it to work out. And by the last one I just cut out the whole word rather than letter by letter. I think they turned out good and I am very pleased with them, plus SO much cheaper...$3.99 for the canvases with an additional 30% off! I already had the mod podge, but it cost about $6.99 (I am sure I got some percentage off because it was at Hobby Lobby and you shouldn't buy anything there with out it being on sale or using the 40% off coupon you can get online).

Sorry about the bad lighting, not sure what I was thinking. I would go take better pictures, but I have hurt my back and well frankly I don't want to get up. ;)

Here is a reminder of what his bedding looks like.


Liesl said...

So cute! I love the creativity, and also the cost-saving! :) Way to use your Mod Podge, girl! We need another craft night :)

Rai and Shannon said...

I LOVE them!!! And you know, since Ryan now has the same theme for his room...I could definitely use some wall decor! : ) I found some metal signs at Hobby Lobby that look like old street says caution, one says stop...they were half off so they were only $4.99 each! But that is just one wall...your little canvas creations would look great on his other wall!! Awesome idea...I am always on the lookout for a bargain...I buy almost nothing at full price! I chose the rug for $19.99 instead of the one canvas for $14.99 for his room. Thanks for the great idea!