Sunday, February 28, 2010

A good reminder...

Lately in our FLOCK (AKA Sunday School) we have been doing a study called How People Change. It is a good study, but I will be honest, I haven't done the homework that goes along with it. It is good to know that God can still speak to you even when you haven't gone the extra mile!

Today I was reminded that I need to find my joy in the LORD. This is something that is so easily said, but so hard to put into practice. It seems that there is always something that will make me happier.

It was a good reminder today when we talked about the Israelites in the wilderness. How they wanted more then just manna to eat, they wanted meat. So the LORD sent them quail, so much so that they ended up getting sick of it. I think the term "out the wazzo" may have come into play at this time.

I can't say for sure weather God would have sent the quail if they had just found there joy in him or not. But I can say that sure would have appreciated the quail and perhaps even received more than just quail if they would have just rested in knowing that God knows their needs.

Again, this is so much easier to type then to apply to my life today. So often I think "if only we had a bigger house" or "if only I were thinner" ...then I would always be happy. I wouldn't ever go into a depression. But the truth of the matter is that is just Satan telling me lies. God has blessed me with a house that is bigger than I need and while it would be nice to be thin it is not what is going to make me happy forever.

So this week I am going to try to apply what I learned and accept where and what God has given me. Because to some I must seem blessed beyond belief! That is how I need to look at my life, that I am blessed beyond belief!

Now for those who need to laugh, if you haven't looked up Tim Hawkins on YouTube then you must do it...right now, seriously, go, now. Ok, if you don't have time to do that here is a tid bit of what you can expect.

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