Monday, February 15, 2010

Let's teach them early...

Words. Do words have any effect on you? Words like beautiful, wonderful, stupid, ugly. All of these words have a big effect on me.

I am realizing that Satan loves to use words against me. You see he knows that I will allow them to make me sad, mad, and frustrated. Of course they also can make me happy and joyful, but Satan doesn't use those words against me.

I can remember being single (ok it was only 4 years ago). I remember that if a guy would pay any sort of attention to me I would begin to dream of how our wedding would be like and how many kids we would have. Just because he said something like "you look nice today". Perhaps I am the only one who lets words effect me so much. Satan would again use these words and I would soon become depressed because of course that guy didn't mean that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he simply meant that I looked nice that day.

I think that Satan will use these same tactics to ruin a persons marriage. If you find a women who has had a bad day or a fight with her husband it could be very easy to get into her mind with just a few simple words.

I am thankful that I have a husband who I can talk to about things like this. Like when an old friend told me I looked nice. I felt SO guilty because I really felt good after he said that. I was able to go home and tell my husband what happened and how I now feel uncomfortable around this person.

It is not my goal to stop people from complimenting other people. I just think we should teach our boys early how much there words can effect a women. I was thinking about it and I think words can have the same effect on a women as a picture of a naked women would for a man. In a slightly different way I suppose.

I want to remember to teach my son that what comes out of his mouth can change a persons life. I want to teach my girl (if I have one some day) to guard against Satan's word attacks.

I hope that we will all begin to teach our kids early.


Squirly Girls said...

Thank you for making me think.

HaleyP said...

Very very true!! I love this post!