Monday, February 22, 2010

I needed this...

This morning I was going through my blog list and reading all the new posts. I often times don't read them all. If it is someone I know personally then I will read it regardless of the title of the blog post. However, if it isn't someone I know personally I let the title decide for me if I am going to read it. If it intrigues me then I read it.

Well I am so glad I read today's post on Pioneer Woman's blog! If you are a women you will for sure want to read this. If you are a husband then read it for your wife and know that sometimes it is good to just pick up a pizza (or anything for that matter).

So with that said, check it out...PW blog.

Let me know what your favorite part is. I will tell you that mine was this

"You know those women who always look impeccable, whose houses and cars are always clean, whose nail polish is never chipped—who always seem to have it together?

They’ve probably got bodies buried in their basements."

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