Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If I could...

I was thinking the other day of what kind of ability I would chose if I could chose one super ability to have. First I thought flying was the obvious choice. Then I began to think about how hard it would be to fly when you are tired, I mean it is hard enough to drive when you are tired. So what if I flew myself to New York City but was too tired to fly home when I needed to?

Flying is obviously out!

Then I thought about having the ability to know all. Well the more I thought about that I decided, who really wants to know everything. There would be no excitement in your day because you wouldn't ever learn anything new.

Knowing all is out!

Then it hit me...I would chose the ability to be (drum roll please)...SUPER WIFE! Yes my friends that is what I would chose. If you think about it it would really be great for my family and me. If I were SUPER WIFE I would enjoy cleaning the house, doing laundry and maybe even keeping a garden! Being SUPER WIFE would mean I would be a wonderful mom, teaching my kids at every moment, but also being a fun mom at the same time. I could fulfill the "needs" of my husband with out even thinking twice!

The sad news is that the super ability of being SUPER WIFE is not available. You see while I might do the dishes and try to keep up with the laundry, I just don't ever see myself enjoying these things. And while I like the idea of having a garden I really hate the idea of pulling weeds and being outside in the Oklahoma heat. I do strive to teach Ian (and any future kids we will have), but will be honest it is often times easier to let PBS teach him right now. Don't worry (Justin) I won't go in to detail about fulfilling my husbands "needs". :)

So what super ability would you chose if you had the chance?

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