Monday, March 8, 2010

The best things in life...

1. random kisses from my one year old!
2. random gifts and kisses from my hubby!
3. the smell of a cold bathroom (I know it sounds silly, but I love it!).
4. my one year old laughing
5. even better than #4 is hearing my one year old, my husband and myself laughing all together!
6. spending time with my girl friends once a month on girls night!
7. whirlpool tubs!
8. chocolate (you didn't think that was going to be left off the list did you?).
9. seeing two lines!
10. knowing that I will spend eternity in heaven!

Bonus #11. the smell of holidays!

What is your top 10 (or 11) best things in life?

1 comment:

girl on a mission said...

1- my husband's company, 2- my husband's goofy jokes that STILL make me laugh, 3- friends that laugh at my goofy jokes, 4- SUNSHINE! 5- multiple days off of work, 6- education online that lets me savor pajama time, 7- school break & days off work combined, 8-our friendly neighbor dogs, 9- that special connection between 2 souls, 10- random acts of kindness