Friday, April 17, 2009

FLOCK gathering...

So tonight Justin and I have a get together with our FLOCK from church! I love that they have a get together each month. The last one we went to was the penny auction and we left Ian with our friend Lindsey. This time however Ian is going to come with us! I am not sure what all the evening will entail, but I am looking forward to it. Here is a picture of the cake I made for tonight's festivities! It is a chocolate peanut butter mousse cake (you can find the recipe at this blog). For more yummy chocolate posts go to Stop and Smell the Chocolates


Anonymous said...

Yummmmm! That looks good!

Katy B said...

HI...I'm a bit of a "staker":)...I'm Katy Boyle, my husband & I are in flock with you.:) We have not offically met. We wish we could have gone to the social tonight since we could have brought our girls, but Scott is really tired on Fridays after work.
I saw that you had a blog on the Flock yahoo site. We have a blog too...I'm not as good at keeping up with it...enjoying reading yours.:)
Hopefully we can meet on Sunday:)

Katy Boyle

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Wow - that looks excellent!!! Thanks for linking it up!

New momma said...

Katy - I am so glad that you "stalk" my blog. I too am a stalker! I look forward to meeting you. I tried to see your blog, but I guess you have it set to private. I look forward to meeting you!