Friday, April 10, 2009

two strollers and doctor appointment

So this Tuesday I took both boys with me to the library and then on a walk! I had Ashleigh take a picture of me pushing both strollers! I need to find a way to make it easier (any one have a double stroller they could lend me for a few weeks?).

I had my appointment with the endocrinologist. It went very well. I really liked him. His name is Dr. Muchmore. The entire office staff, including the doctor, were all ok with having Ian there. When we were leaving he even said "Now you make sure you bring Ian back next time so we can see how much he has grown." I thought that was really nice. But on the the medical part of it. :) He said my thyroid was 3 times the size it should be! He could tell just from looking at me and then he felt it and was like yeah your doctor was right to send you here. He said I have lymphocitic thyroiditis. So he basically increased my dosage of the medicine I was already taking and then I will come back in 12 weeks to see how it is working. All in all it went pretty well and he answered questions that I would have ended up calling with eventually like "what happens if I forget to take a pill" (FYI the answer is to take two the next morning).


Liesl said...

Yippee for the Dr getting to the bottom of your thyroid stuff! That must be quite a relief. I bet you will definitely be feeling better now.

Also, I have to say, I am so very impressed with the two strollers thing. Many would use that as an excuse for not walking, but you were up to the challenge! I wonder if you could hold one of the boys in a carrier (like the Baby Bjorn-type) while pushing the other in the stroller? But hey, I'm all about the double stroller...I bet you also got a great arm workout, too! :) Nice work, my friend.

HaleyP said...

that picture of the two stroller is so funny! I would try what Liesl in a snugli and the other in the stroller!