Monday, March 16, 2009

Penny auctions and sippy cups

Today I was inspired! I guess that God gave me a burst of energy, because when Ian took his afternoon nap I got my butt off the couch and put a load of laundry in, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the counters, put the cans in the recycle bin and read a chapter in Bringing up boys! Notice I could have said cleaned the kitchen, but it sounds like I did more when I break it up like I did. :) Then when Ian woke up he sat in his bouncy chair in the kitchen with me and I made some brownies! Now Ian is sleeping on the floor. Poor kid, I guess he got worn out. I am going to just let him sleep there, rather than putting him in the crib though.

I tried giving a sippy cup to Ian today! Not sure why I thought to do that, but I did. He did ok at first but after a while he wouldn't drink from it, so I switched him back to the bottle. I figure we can slowly work him to it. It would be nice if he would take it because it has handles and he can hold it himself.
This weekend was fun. Friday our new FLOCK (aka: Sunday School) had a penny auction. People brought things they no longer needed but was still in good condition and we bid on them with penny's! It was great Justin and I came back home with great stuff. A lego table, with the lego's, a nice silver serving bowl, eye make-up remover, coasters that you put pictures in and several other little things. All for under $6! The only bad thing is that we came back with the stuff we brought too (a vacuum and a coat rack), I guess no one needed that stuff. But no worries, I am sure Goodwill can take them. :)
I just love it when my guys dress alike! Here they are in there Eskimo Joe's get up. How cute are they? Justin and I also got to go on a walk on Sunday! It was so nice out side. I sure wish the weather would be consitant. I am sick of the cold and hot weather going back and forth. One day it snows and few days later we will be hanging out outside, then a few days later we will be in the storm shelter for tornado's! Oh well. I guess it makes life fun. :)

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