Friday, April 3, 2009

ice cream cake!

Tonight Justin and I are going to go on a date! We are going to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then go see Edmond Santa Fe's production of Guy's and Doll's! I can't wait. It is much needed. Our last date night ended early because Ian wanted to be with us so bad he cried for Nana and Pawpaw until they couldn't take it anymore. In addition to Justin being sick, so like I said, this date night is MUCH needed.

Tomorrow is Justin's birthday! He will be turning...old, very old. :) Just kidding baby, you are young as a spring chicken! ;) I always joke him and tell him that no matter how old I get, he will always be older. I am planning on (planning being the key word here) making an ice cream cake for him. This will be my first time making one, so we will see how that turns out and I will post some pictures once it is made. Also, we are going to Hideaway pizza! MMM, yummy.

Not much else to blog about today. Oh wait, I do want to say congrats to our friends Ashley and Noel on the birth of there very sweet baby boy, Jackson! We got to go and see them at the hospital and he is ever so very cute!

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Liesl said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! I hope you enjoyed your ice cream was very hard for me to leave it untouched in the freezer. Jessica, you are a cake master already!! I had so much fun with Ian last night. Not sure how you did it, but you officially have the most perfect baby I know. Love him :)