Tuesday, January 27, 2009

rice cereal...

So yesterday we started feeding Ian rice cereal! He did really well. At first he kind of just let it fall out of his mouth, but then a few minutes into eating it he started to suck on the spoon and swallow the cereal. We filmed it and once we get it cut down (it is currently over 12 minutes long) we will put it on youtube so you all can see how cute he was eating for the first time. Here are some pictures of him eating today, we fed him at lunch again. He fits so cute in his little booster chair. I can't believe how old he is getting!

Ian eating the rice cereal.

Ian trying to feed himself :)

Front view of the mess on his face :)

Side view of the mess on his face :)

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Collin and Mariah said...

How cute is he!! He is getting so big!!