Saturday, January 24, 2009

A gift that makes me smile!

I am so excited! As I sit here typing this blog I am cold. Usually I would cover up my legs and just tough it out with the rest of my body. But not anymore! My oh so wonderful husband bought me a snuggie! Despite him making fun of it all the time, he knew it would make me happy. And man was he right. I LOVE it! This is probably one of the best gifts he has ever got me. I love, love, love it! I know I already said that, but it is true.

Yes, these pictures are posed, but look I can read a book and talk on the phone and not have to take my arms out of the blanket! :)

Tonight was the Miss America pageant. For the past 7 years my mom, sister and I have had a watch party. Who ever hosts is in charge of dinner. We are prepared with our paper and pens in hand and we mark who are favorites are from the very beginning and then narrow it down as the judges narrow it down. It is always some good fun. I enjoy this time that we have together each year. Some day when our kiddos are all older we plan to go to Vegas (or where ever it will be held at that time) and actually attend it. Wouldn't that be oh so cool! This year I did my hair in a pretty updo and wore a crown! Corny I know, but it was fun. Maybe next year I will fit into my old formals (actually I would love it if the formals were too big! Wouldn't that be cool?) and wear that with a fancy sash and all ;)

I just have to say that I look like I have a very thin face here! Mama's looking good ;)

I should have done my own hair for proms and my wedding! How fun is that?


Liesl said...

Um, ok...two items of business. First--the snuggie! SO cool. It looks like the coziest thing ever! Second--Miss America watch party. I love that idea! I think I might need to have one next year :) No matter how old you are, you never grow out of Miss America, that's what I say.

It was so great to see you guys today...what a special day! Thanks for letting us join you and your parents for lunch, too :)

sarahjodawn said...

ur hair looks soo cute! i only wish i could get my hair to look like that! and i love the miss america thing. i think my sisters and i should do that :)