Thursday, January 8, 2009

not much going on

So I just realized it had been a few days since I posted anything. Not much is going on. Today I had to go back to the dentist. I had a filling taken out and replaced with a temporary medicated filling. They will leave that in for a month and see if my tooth feels better and if it does they will replace it with real one. Boy am I sick of going to the dentist! My mouth now hurts. I had pinto's and cheese for lunch because they are easy to eat. I don't know what I will eat for dinner because I need to eat something that doesn't require opening my mouth up too much. Oh the trouble the dentist have caused (Ok I realize I am the one who has the bad teeth and they are actually fixing it not making it worse).

Let's see what else is in the news as of late. Ian is doing good. He will have his 4 month wellness check this month! I weighed him the other day and he is weighing in at 11.8 pounds! He is growing so big! Man I am sitting her trying to think of what is going on and realizing just what a boring life I live. There is seriously nothing going on!

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