Saturday, January 17, 2009

Big Day!

Wow yesterday was a big big day. Not only for Ian but for Justin and me as well. It all started in the morning when I was watching little C and Ian. I had just eaten a banana when I started to feel like it was stuck in my throat or something. I then started to feel like I needed to throw up/gag to get it out. So I went and got Justin (he had taken the day off) to have him watch the boys while I tried to figure this out. Then in the middle of gagging I got a really really bad pain in the middle of my chest and it went all the way through to my back. It was bad. So I told Justin about it and he asked if he needed to take me to the ER and I said yes. So we start making phone calls to get someone to the house to watch the boys. Finally Justin was like I am calling 911, it had gotten really bad at this point. So I agreed, which is usually not like me so you know it must have been bad. Well we finally got some one to go and get C's mom (thanks Lauren) so she was on her way and actually got here before the ambulance had even left. It was weird having all these men in our house. So they took me to Mercy and ran tests. Thankfully everything was ok with my heart, which is what we were scared about the most. It turned out to be REALLY bad heartburn. So they gave me medicine to coat my esophagus and my stomach and I am to follow up with my primary care doctor if it continues. I felt kind of silly, but that pain was REALLY bad! I am glad we were safe about it rather than sorry. Oh and thanks to Misti for watching Ian while we were at the hospital. I didn't want to take him to the hospital with us because then he would have had to be around all the germs and stuff going on there.

Of course if you read my last post you know that Justin's family came to town yesterday! With all that happened in the morning it left us about 3 hours to get the house cleaned and in decent shape, which I must say we succeeded!

Since I am awake before everyone else I thought I would go ahead and post a few pictures of their arrival.

Ian in his big boy overalls (thanks Haley) getting ready for the arrival of the family!

Aunt Stephanie meeting Ian for the first time in person!

Believe it or not this was not posed (except for maybe Justin's Dad) :)

Aunt Stephanie and Ian


Collin and Mariah said...

Poor Jessica!!

HaleyP said...

wow..that was scary! I hope that never happens again!! How fun for Ian and Justin's family. What a cutie!