Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Potty training...

It has finally begun at our house! I didn't think Ian would ever want to use the potty. In fact I have asked him several times if he wants to use the potty or wear big boy underwear and he says "No, I'm okay".

Things just changed yesterday! He was in my bathroom when he saw the crayola banks (piggy banks in the shape of crayons) that I had hidden in my closet. Oops, I guess that wasn't a great hiding spot, but who cares. Ian wanted to get them out and I told him that he had to start using the potty in order to get them. I explained how we would make a chart and he could put stickers on it and once he went a certain amount of times he would get prizes (the crayon banks). To my surprise he said he wanted to go potty in the frog potty!

Seriously, I was SO shocked! I thought he would end up wearing diapers till he was 16. :)

He has now gone 4 times in the potty! He has to go 7 times before he gets one of his prizes. He is also getting a few skittles each time he goes. I remembered my sister did something like that too and it seems to work.

We went and got him pull ups and some more big boy underwear yesterday. I told him that his teacher will tell me if he goes potty at school today and if he does then he will get a sticker and skittles when he gets home. He seemed okay with that.

I just hope this works! I would love to have him potty trained! Just in case it doesn't work, leave me a comment on what worked for you! I would love to have more ideas.


Cathy said...

Good job Ian! He's getting there. We actually had to resort to punishment wants we realized he could do it, but was just being lazy about it. I think Ian and Tyler have different temperments. Hopefully the rewards work for you.

Cathy said...

wants -> once