Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meant to be...

The other night Justin, my number 1 hot husband, and I got to take a much needed date night! It was really more of a date afternoon/evening.

We started out by going to the outlet mall and eating linner or should I say dunch? You know kind of like brunch but putting lunch and dinner together. It was like 3:30. Anyways, my favorite hamburger place is there, Smashburger, so we ate there. Then we decided to go look around places we don't usually get to enjoy going to with kids. It was nice! We went to Best Buy, Ulta, Walmart and last but not least Office Depot.

While I was checking out at Office Depot Justin was off looking at some more "toys" they had at the other register. When the guy told me my total was $19.81, I said "that was a good year." He kind of looked at me like I was weird, which I am so no insults there. ;) When Justin came over I told him what our total was and get this, he said "that was a good year." We were SO meant to be together!

We finished our evening with some ice cream from Cold Stone. It was delish! Over all we had a wonderful night! So thankful for date nights

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