Thursday, October 13, 2011

Googly eyes, I just like to say it...

I love googly eyes, don't you? Ian says it in the absolute cutest way. It makes me want to record him saying googly eyes just so I can share it with you all!

I recently joined Pinterest. I know you are probably wondering "what does that have to do with googly eyes?", well you are about to find out!

I found the cutest little table decoration on there! Someone had pinned it on there board so I did too and decided to make it. It cost me $2 to make this craft! I got the googly eyes at Dollar Tree and a styrofoam pumpkin there as well! Just glue the eyes all over the pumpkin and you're done! Isn't that cute? I love it.

Now the question is, what else can I do with googly eyes? They are so much fun! Do you have any craft ideas for googly eyes?

Okay, I gave in and had Ian say it for the video. :)

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