Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Must he grow up?

I had all intentions to tell you all about my vacation day. However, something else has come up.

Yep, my Ian is growing up! This is too soon. Must he be such a big boy so soon?

He spent the afternoon at my mom's house so I could have the day off (Justin took off and stayed with him in the morning). He didn't take a nap so needless to say he was TIRED when we started home after a quick dinner.

He fell asleep in the car and when we saw this Justin and I decided that we would go get ice cream so he would stay asleep for a little bit longer in the car.

When we got home he was still very tired and just laid on Justin's lap for a minute or so before we got his night time diaper on. I went to his bedroom to throw away his diaper and he followed me. So I picked him up and just thought "hey why not see if he will lay down in his new toddler bed?" Well he was SO tired that he did, no problem at all!

As soon as Justin and I finished tucking him in and left his room I realized I was not ready for him to be in the big boy bed! I was nervous the whole night. I went in to check on him once before we went to bed and then when we opened his door up I ended up re-adjusting him so he wasn't hanging off the bed.

I continued to worry the whole night through! I think the main reason was because his bed is just sitting in the middle of his current room. So I just didn't know what he would end up doing if he fell off. Would he cry, start playing with his toys?

Thankfully he slept till 5:30 this morning! He got up and stood at the gate in front of his door way and cried. I got up faster than I ever have and picked him up. Not thinking I took him straight to the bedroom with Justin and I. Well he didn't fall asleep until Justin got up and went to the couch. I was able to move Ian over to his side of the bed and lay him on his tummy, so he slept for about 30 minutes or so.

I should also mention that I tried to put him back in his crib but he held on to me with all he had. He seemed really scared so I didn't even bother trying to lay him down. That is when I was able to lay him on Justin's side of the bed and he slept for a bit.

Justin woke up and started getting ready for bed and that seemed to wake Ian up as well. So we ended up getting up a little before 7 and started our day. I decided as soon as he woke up that early that we would be getting in a morning nap even if it meant no afternoon nap (still not sure if we will nap this afternoon, but hoping we will).

So there you go! My little guy is growing up and I am SO not ready for it. But I imagine each stage of growing up will be like this for me. Hoping it gets a little easier though. Does it? Does it get easier as they get older?

On a different note, one of my nieces had a birthday yesterday! She turned 9! Yeah, I am pretty sure I am going to put an age cap on those kids and say they can't get older than 11. Do you think this will work? That means my oldest niece will get one more birthday then she has to stop getting older.


Squirly Girls said...

I did the same thing with the girls when they would move into a big kid bed. I hope that he continues to sleep well for you and that you will be blessed with rest. I have been where you are and it is HARD, I know. It will get easier and the two boys being close will make them best buds.

Rai and Shannon said...

We still have Ryan in his crib at two and a half!! So, yes it is hard, and no, it doesn't get easier, especially when you know it's your last baby, you just don't want them to grow up...I have clung to every milestone with Ryan...and yet he is still growing up on me! BTW...where did you get the bedding for Ian? It has all of Ryan's favorite things!! : )