Friday, April 16, 2010

Garage sale...**Updated pictures**

I went to a few garage sales today with our friends Misti and Calvin. It was a lot of fun! I will say that we got up earlier than normal. I have been making Ian stay in bed till 8 but since he was making noise I decided to go ahead and get up and call Misti to tell her we are game for an early day.

We started out going to McDonald's for some breakfast. At first we couldn't find any garage sales. Then we started to find some good ones.
The boys really enjoyed the ride around town. They were laughing at each other for a lot of the ride! It was so cute and a little distracting to be honest. I think I had a few people pass me because I was going slow.

I got Ian a desk for $2 and an OSU backpack for $3! I was so thrilled. Ian really likes the desk. Here is a picture of it.


Squirly Girls said...

I love garage sales. Nothing feels better than a deal. Cool stuff.

Erin said...

He's too cool for school, baby! :c) Those are cute pictures and I'm jealous of your great finds!