Monday, April 12, 2010

I feel like I've done good...

Today I actually made mine and Ian's lunch! And by make I mean threw in the microwave. But let me tell you that is way more than I have done in days, er, weeks really. Mine was a Stouffers meal (Monterey Chicken) and Ian's was a cheap $1 meal that was popcorn chicken and potato smiley faces! He ate the chicken right up and munched on the potatoes for a while. I was able to save some of them and he can have them for dinner tonight!

To top this off I actually got dressed this morning...wait for it...even though I had no where to go! This is huge considering I am usually still in my pajamas when Justin get home.

Now Ian is asleep. I tried to sleep too and I did for about 10 or 15 minutes. Then the phone rang. I have pretty much decided that I won't get a comfy sleep in until Owen is born anyways, so I got up, ate a caramel cadbury egg (yummy) and decided to blog about my super duper accomplishments!

Next thing you know I will be unloading the dishwasher...oh wait, I did that too! While our lunches were cooking I just decided at first I would take the plates out, then moved on to the bowls, cups, silver ware and so on. It was done before my dinner was! Man I am on a role today. Perhaps I will now take the time to fold the towels that are in the clothes basket. I don't want to over do it, I still want to have this energy going when Justin gets home. It is pizza night, so I need to have it in me to put it in the oven. ;)

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