Monday, June 3, 2013

Because every mom doesn't have a super power to get her kids to eat veggies...

Have you ever had trouble getting your kids to eat veggies? I do! My kids will randomly eat carrots, which is good. However, just as soon as I buy them they decide they don't want to eat them anymore. And while I like carrots I can't eat an entire bag before they go bad. 

So with that being said I have found a way to sneak those veggies in! So far I have only tried one veggie, but it worked in two different meals! 

The first meal I shredded some zucchini and put it in our pizza sauce! I mixed in some seasonings and it was SO yummy, you couldn't tell at all that there was shredded zucchini in it!

The second meal I shredded some zucchini, again, and mixed into our hamburger meat and made burgers! Again, you couldn't tell that it was in there! 

I have heard of people doing this before and just never thought I would be able to pull it off with my boys (including the hubs). I plan on trying out some other things soon. I will keep you updated on if it works!

Here is a website I found that has some free recipes. I will look through it and let you know if I try any of them! Happy sneaking everyone!

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