Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hidden veggies, attempt #2...

I am loving this whole hidden veggie thing! Last night I shredded a yellow squash and added it to our mac n cheese! Ian ate almost his entire bowl and didn't say anything about taste or texture! Justin noticed the texture, but said it tasted fine. I actually liked it better than regular mac n cheese! Owen was sick and didn't eat. 

I need more ideas on how to hide veggies in our daily menu! Comment if you have any ideas! 

Oh and just an update on my weight progress...Since started Zeal (and counting my weight watcher points plus) I have lost 6.2 pounds! I had lost 7.2, but made some poor choices over Memorial day weekend. I have not had a Diet Dr. Pepper since May 3rd, that's 33 days! I'm pretty sure that is the longest I have gone with out one probably since I started drinking it! Most days I don't even have a desire for one. On the more stressful days I have found myself wanting one, but because I have made it this long I don't want to give in, so I usually just drink unsweetened tea! I can't wait to see what the results will be by my next doctor appointment in August! If you want to try the Zeal out then click on my friends link and order there. I think you can even contact her about getting samples. I really wasn't sure if this would help me or not, but friends I am here to tell you that it will! It has been just the jump start that I needed! I tell you what, I should be selling this stuff myself!

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