Wednesday, January 30, 2013

20 Random facts about myself...

1. I love ballroom dancing. I took lessons for a while and was actually pretty good!
2. I hate asparagus. Seriously, I think that God did not intend for it to be consumed by humans.
3. I have never been out of the country (as of Jan 2013). I would love to travel someday, but don't even have my passport.
4. I hate to clean, but I don't like messes.
5. FRIENDS is my favorite tv show of all times. I wish they would do a reunion show!
6. My favorite thing about Christmas morning is our breakfast of biscuits and strawberries.
7. I wish I could wake up and be at my goal weight.
8. I'm very sensitive.
9. I like to be on time. My family was late a lot when I was a kid, so it means a lot to me when people are on time.
10. Making his list is harder than I thought.
11. If I ruled the world I would make it okay for people to shave their heads and wear wigs, that way if you wanted to change your hair style to long on day and short another day it would be totally normal!
12. I didn't graduate from college.
13. I love to blog.
14. I love to read books, but if I can't finish it in a day or two I usually don't finish it at all.
15. The strangest thing I have ever eaten is alligator.
16. I get migraines and have to take prescription medicine for them.
17. I suffer from depression.
18. I wish life were a musical so we could break out in song when ever we felt like it!
19. I love to give gifts to other people.
20. I trust people tell the truth too much. I guess this could be a good thing and a bad thing.

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