Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday feast...

Today was a great day. No, I take that back, today was a blessed day! We visited a local church this morning with our new friend. It was like water to my dehydrated soul! The music, the preaching, the people. It was just what I needed to be refreshed. 

After church our new friend and her parents invited us to their house for Sunday lunch. And let me tell you, this was more like a feast! We had grilled chicken, rice, grilled veggies and salad. Then to finish off we had a homemade peach cobbler! We haven't had a Sunday lunch like this since...well probably since I was a kid! It was so nice to get to visit with this sweet family and learn more about the church that we visited. The kids had a blast too! Their was a slide in the grand kid's room!

All and all today was wonderful. We even got a short bike ride in and were able to meet a neighbor who has a 4 year old and an 8 month old! 

Thank you LORD for giving us this today!

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April said...

What a great blessing! Praying for you all!