Thursday, January 24, 2013


Lately Ian has really gotten into playing video games. He really likes to play anything Mario Brothers. Which is fun, because Justin and I like that too. However, it is a lesson in patients playing video games with a 4 year old!

Another one he likes to play is the Wii Resorts games. Yesterday we were playing bowling and it occurred to me that the boys had never been bowling in real life! So our adventure for the day was planned!

We headed to the bowling alley, got our shoes and bowling balls and played a game! Yes, just one game. You see it took us an hour to just get done with that one game. The boys did good, the balls rolled slowly down the lane. I was surprised that neither of them got upset when they didn't knock any pins down, which actually only happened a few times, most of the time they knocked at least one down! 

Granny shot :)

Granny shot :)

Owen did really good, he wanted to carry the ball all by himself!

Ian just looks so old in this picture!
Ian's score was 64, Owen 60 and mine was 108

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