Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Prayer's of a child...

Yesterday we got some news regarding one of my best friends adoption situation. I can't go into detail, but just know that I felt like I had gotten kicked in the stomach and it isn't even my child! 

After finding out the news yesterday I got on the phone to spread the word so that people would be praying. My sweet Ian asked what was going on. I explained in the most simplest of ways and he seemed to understand. In fact every time I was on the phone yesterday he told me to tell the person on the other line to pray! I loved that!

After getting home from our outings yesterday we got on the living room floor and prayed. Yes, my two year old and four year old prayed for their dear friend. They were simple prayers, amazing prayers! God heard those prayers. This is how Owen's prayer went "Dear God please help L feel better more amen." Ian's prayer went like this "Dear God, thank you for this day, please be with Aunt L and Uncle S and baby S"

I'm not sure why I am sharing this story. Honestly I had a great post all "written" out in my head last night about this story, but of course I can't remember a thing but the title!

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