Friday, February 1, 2013

Describe 3 legitimate fears and explain how they became fears...

30 things my kids should know about me: Describe 3 legitimate fears and explain how they became fears.

Fear 1: Spiders. I know this might be one that everyone could post, however I have a real reason for being scared of the. When I was three years old I was bitten by a spider and its poison lodged in my leg. Because of this I have a condition called Lymphademia. So there you go, my fear is legitimate. 

Fear 2: dying before my kids are old enough to deal with it. Not that dealing with a parents death is ever good, but I think that when you become a certain age you begin to prepare yourself for things like that. I'm not even there yet, so I know that my sweet little boys are not either. 

Fear 3: Justin leaving and/or dying. I just don't know what I would do with out him. Even when things are though, I know that God brought us together. Not only does he provide for our family financially, but he is our leader in a spiritual way too. He encourages me like no one else could. Part of this fear comes because my dad cheated on my mom, more than once. 

So there you go, 3 legitimate fears. 

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