Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ian's first day of school...

We decided to sign Ian up for the christian learning center at our church. The fall semester doesn't start till the end of August, but we decided to put him in the summer session so that he could get used to it before going in the fall. In the fall he will go two days a week, but for now he is only going one day a week. I think this is not only good for him, but good for me too. I was okay with everything until I got to the church and realized I hadn't put the memory card in the camera. Ugh. I wanted to cry so bad, but I held back and pulled out my camera phone. I am hoping to have gotten at least one good picture from it. We will just have to wait and see. I should know how to get the pictures off of it seeing how my brilliant husband has taught me how to do it. Lets just say I have mommy brain and just can't remember how to do it.

Ian woke up before Justin left today, so I was able to get a picture of them together on his first day of school!

Okay, back on subject. Ian was SO excited to go to school today! He has been talking about it all week. On the way to school he worried me a little bit because he got a little sad because he asked if his best friend Calvin would be there and I told him no, but he could make other friends. He didn't like that answer and said he just wanted to go home and play with Calvin. Again, I wanted to cry a little but resisted for his sake.

Ian looking like a big boy with his backpack and lunch box!

Once we got to school he perked up. He didn't even care that he was going to be away from me and Owen for 5 hours! He just walked right into the room like he had been doing it for years. I had to call him back, this time for my sake, and have him give me a hug and kiss. Being the sweet kid that he is he ran and gave me a hug and kiss then ran back and started playing with the toys.

Ian showing off his new lunch box.

When I picked him up I asked him what his favorite part was and he said the toys! He then told me that he went down the slide, but that it was warm, he painted and learned about animals. He also said "I want to go back to school!" How wonderful is that? I love that he wanted to go back.

Tried to get him to show off his art, but it just wasn't happening.

I feel so blessed that we can take him to school. Thank you God for providing for us a wonderful church family and programs like the CLC.

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