Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have to brag...

I have an amazing husband! I just have to brag about him for a second. Today being Sunday, I needed to get a Sunday paper in order to get the coupons (yep, I have started to coupon, but that is for another post). After lunch we decided that we would just head home first and then we would stop and get a paper later. Well to make a long story longer we forgot to get one. We were both home, in our jammies sitting on the couch and it hit me "oh shoot, I forgot to get a paper!" I really didn't want to get out and get one, so my WONDERFUL husband got dressed and drove up to the corner gas station (hee hee that sounds small town doesn't it?) and got me my Sunday paper! What a great way to show me he loves me! And you know what? That encouraged me to show him that I love him by finishing the laundry (one of his love languages is acts of service).

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband. Do we have a perfect marriage? No. Do we argue or disagree on things? Yes. But do we trust that God is amazing and put us together for a reason? For sure! He is worth fighting for my friends and I hope that you find encouragement in this post. Because we know that even though things get hard, it is important to show our spouses that we love them in THEIR love language.

Thank you my love for speaking my love language by going to get the Sunday paper for me!

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