Monday, June 6, 2011

Date night...

I love our church! They are so good about planning events for the whole family. Tonight though was just for mom's and son's! They suggested that you (mom's) take your son(s) out to dinner then come up to the church to hear a speaker and see some cool animals.

At first I wasn't going to go because the event at the church didn't start until 7pm, which is Ian's bed time. But Justin urged me to go and I am very glad I did! The evening started at IHOP, Ian's choice. Which was a good choice because kids eat free from 4pm - 10pm! I love the kids menu they have there because they have pictures of all the choices, I wish all menus were like that. Ian knew just what to get, the smiley face pancakes! He seemed pretty excited!

After dinner we headed to the church. Thankfully our friends, Misti and Jolene, were there before us and got a good table close to the front! They had lovely little treats (cupcakes, suckers and Gatorade) on the table. Ian really liked the sucker and the chocolate crocodile that was on top of the cupcake. I on the other hand really enjoyed the cupcake!

I was a little worried that Ian wouldn't be able to sit through the speaker, but he did really well and I was very proud of him! After the speaker we got to get our picture taken with a kangaroo! They actually had lots of animals to choose from but we chose the kangaroo, it seemed the safest. :)

After the church event Ian and I made a quick trip to Walmart and then headed home! I would say that it was a great date night! I tried to teach Ian what you are to do on a date, like open doors (of course most doors are too difficult for him to open by himself, so that didn't happen tonight). I gave him money so he could pay for our meal! He really liked that. :) When we were putting him to bed I gave him a kiss, something we do every night, but told him that he shouldn't give out kisses on a normal date but that it was okay since I am his mommy ;) Here are some pictures of our fun night! The church also took pictures so once I get those I will post them as well.

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